Melbourne freelance copywriter Alicia Kacar

Meet your Melbourne freelance copywriter and communications queen.

I’m Alicia Kacar. I’m a Melbourne freelance copywriter and content writing machine, with the magic touch you need to take your marketing to the next level.


I work with small and medium businesses, agencies and entrepreneurs to create content customers can’t put down.


In this uber competitive, digital world, marketing your business is as important as running your business. The right words, written in the right way, will attract the right customers for your business.


But if your words miss the mark, potential customers won’t convertAt best, you’ll send them to sleep with boring, sloppy copy. At worst, you’ll give a bad impression of your business.


If you want to be a true leader of your pack – and really connect with your customers – you need to make great copy a priority.

But where do you find the time?


You see businesses everywhere blogging, writing books and being savvy on social media. There’s constant talk about SEO and getting your website seen on Google. Meanwhile, you’ve got reports, presentations and press releases piling up. The struggle is real.

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You give 100% to running your business. You don’t have time to worry about copywriting.

Even when you make the time, you’re just churning out words. Simply to get something, anything, out there. But your words aren’t making an impact. People aren’t clicking and your conversions aren’t where you want them to be.

You’re not a professional copywriter, so you worry about typos, punctuation and grammar – and, truth be told, you just don’t enjoy it. There’s so many things you’d rather be working on.

Hire me as your Melbourne freelance copywriter, so you can get back to doing what you do best.


I’ll delight your readers with compelling copy that showcases your business, tells your brand story, AND gets you in Google’s good books.

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I approached Alicia because I needed a copywriter to help with our website SEO through carefully crafted blog articles. I chose Alicia over other copywriters because she can make even the most mundane subject matter interesting and educational – a big win in my eyes. Alicia has exceeded all my expectations.  She is easy to work with, efficient, and she keeps me on track. I’m the first to let things like blog articles fall by the wayside, but Alicia keeps me engaged with new ideas. If you don’t have time to give SEO copywriting the time it deserves, talk to Alicia.

Lauren Morton

Senior Account Manager, Tiger Pistol

My copywriting experience


I’ve been moonlighting as a Melbourne freelance copywriter since finishing my degree at RMIT University in 2001, while working for some pretty big businesses by day.


One look at my resume and you’ll see I’m more than a freelance copywriter. I’ve worked as a marketing gun, PR manager, media queen and all-round comms guru.


I’ve also been a public servant, personal trainer, insurance officer, optometrist’s assistant and even a debt collector during my uni days.



It’s an eclectic list, but you’d be surprised how helpful it is when it comes to writing copy. My customers come from all different types of industries, so it’s handy to know a bit about everything.


Since starting my freelance copywriting business, I’ve honed with skills with heaps of courses at cool places like The Clever Copywriting School and Australian Writers’ Centre. If there’s something new to learn about copywriting or content marketing, I’m all over it.


People and places I’ve learnt from:



Why Type A Copywriting?

I founded Type A Copywriting in 2016. Like most of my customers, I wanted to do things my way. I love having a business that’s 100% me. No more working for ‘the man’. I am the man now.

As the name implies, I’m driven and competitive, with a work ethic that’s second to none. Typical Type A.


But aren’t Type A’s all impatient and aggressive? Sure, sometimes. But only if you live with us. To work with, I’m a dream. Just ask my colleagues.


What about fun?

I’m a Type A, so work is fun for me. But when I’m not writing, I can usually be found:

  • Hanging with my husband and two cats (above).
  • Baking something that’s bad for me.
  • Binge watching HBO shows on Netflix.
  • Listening to podcasts about life and biz.
  • Assembling amazing outfits, mostly in monochrome. 
  • Fantasising about food.

I work from my home office in Melbourne, so I sometimes wear pyjamas pants on weekdays. If none of this scares you, I’m sure we’ll be a perfect fit. Like peas and carrots. Or milo and ice-cream.

Story-telling is at the core of my business, and Alicia is the ultimate storyteller. She crafts unique words that are full of passion and energy, and that really resonate with the reader. I love Alicia is always so efficient, organised and on-time. It’s a great help to have her keeping me on track.

Sonya Michele

Founder & Scarf Designer, dog&boy

I was referred to Alicia by another copywriter, and I’m so pleased I was. Alicia wrote the copy for our new website, and I couldn’t have wished for a better result. All I had to do was hit publish! I thought working with a copywriter would be hard, time consuming and expensive, but working with Alicia is the exact opposite. Aside from her drive and enthusiasm, I love that Alicia is proactive and provides suggestions on different ways to improve our business. She sees the big picture when you are too close. Since the website, Alicia has helped us with taglines and marketing content for our annual conference – plus many more projects yet to come!

Brooke Adams

National Events Executive, prefabAUS

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